Early Bday Present… or An Ode To My New Backpack


I still remember being a freshman my first semester in college walking with a fake Northface backpack to class and some frat dude asking me wear the campfire was… Then and there, I swore off backpacks.

I mean, as a tiny commuter, I often would complain about people swinging their backpacks about, not really having any sort of awareness about what was going on behind them while I was basically being assaulted in the face by fabrics and zippers .  But after I saw the beautiful leather backpacks at Madewell about a year ago, I knew I had to have one. I just wasn’t ready for the close to $200 price tag.

I tried to duplicate and get a quality leather version when I was in Florence, but it ended up being too small for my work laptop. I tried a few times, but since I couldn’t fully close it, I ended up carrying the bag in front of me and defeating the purpose of the backpack all together. I gave up and decided I’d wait for a sale at Madewell. I waited and waited, and then I missed the sale! I then started looking at lower cost versions and figured I would compromise, but I couldn’t find anything that made me as happy. Yes, I know we’re still talking about a backpack.

I continued carrying heavy giant bags. As someone who works from home often, lugging the laptop back and forth, it started to wear on my body. I noticed it even more recently in YTT when I would try binds on the right side – my right shoulder does not allow me to go as deep into a bind as my left side does. I realized that this is likely because I’m constantly carrying a heavy bag on my right shoulder.

Sticking to my new motto for 2017, quality over quantity, I decided I needed a backpack to help open up my shoulder and I wasn’t going to skimp. When Madewell sent me an early birthday coupon, I made the plunge and let me just say, I am not sorry. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made! I’ve brought it to work daily, and even on a recent blog shoot to carry my ensembles in. If you’re thinking about getting one, don’t think, just do! Especially right now since it’s no longer backordered! Trust me – the shoulder you favor will thank me. 🙂



** I know it seems like this is sponsored, but I promise you, it’s not. I really do like it that much, haha.

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