I’m Ashley, a Florida native, now living in Chicago, and the 5’0″ gal behind The Petite Chronicles, where I blog about style from a petite perspective, yoga (I’m training to be a certified instructor!), and the ocassional lifestyle post.

Shopping is my favorite hobby and stress reducer. Funny enough, as a kid, I loathed shopping. I still have memories of being forced to tag along with my mom and grandma to Dillard’s  (or Dillard, as my grandparents would say) and have a speed session of trying on clothes. My mom would hand me the item, I would try it on, they would tug at it and try to make it fit my chubby, short body. I would then take off the item, complain, hand it to my grandma so she could hang it back up, and we’d repeat the process over and over. It was a disconcerting feeling at the time as nothing ever seemed to fit me correctly, and this wasn’t a time where you could find trendy clothes in petite sizes. Needless to say, I never really had the “cool girl” outfits growing up.

Fast forward several years (and weight fluctuations), and shopping/fashion has become one of my favorite activities. I started to become interested in fashion when I was in college and loved creating designer inspired outfits with what I had in my own closet and making these trends work for my petite frame. Throughought college, I had several sales jobs at boutiques and big retail companies like Nordstrom, while also writing a fashion column and blog for my school newspaper, as well as blogging here and there on my own personal fashion blog. During this time, I became the go-to for my family and friends when they shop for something new, or are just trying to find something stylish within their own closet. I still receive several photos per week of friends asking me “should I buy this?” or does this look good with that??”

I moved to Chicago in 2011 to begin my career in PR. In 2016, I felt like I was missing that creative spark, so decided I wanted to start blogging again. At the time, I didn’t feel connected to any of my past blogs – my priotities had changed, both in my life, and in my impulse style preferences. Around the same time, I also enrolled in yoga teacher training because I loved the way yoga made me feel and wanted to share this feeling and experience with others. At that point, everything kind of fell into place and The Petite Chronicles was born. While I’m sure you’ve heard this from other bloggers before, The Petite Chronicles serves as a creative outlet for me to share my love for fashion and yoga with others.

Through yoga, I have become more mindful in all of the choices I make in life, even when it comes to style. Instead of impulse buying something because it’s on sale or because it’s the latest trend, I now shop and dress with intention — making sure each item has a purpose. And while doing this isn’t always easy (it’s SO hard for me to pass up a sale and even harder to walk away from a store and not purchase anything!), I love what it’s done for my closet, my daily outfit selection (items with purpose make it so much easier to get dressed in the morning), my wallet, and most importantly, my mind.

Through my posts, I hope you can find some inspiration – whether it be to dress with intention or take a new yoga class – and just enjoy some laughs along the way.

For questions or collaborations, drop me a line at hello@thepetitechronicles.com. I hope you enjoy following along!