Getting started…

I don’t know about you, but for me, starting a project is always the hardest part. Whether it’s a writing assignment at work or cleaning my apartment, taking the first step is always difficult. I found that to be even more true when it came to two recent decisions I made: blogging and yoga teacher training.

I’ve been thinking about reconnecting with blogging for quite a bit, but I didn’t think I had much to say (which is weird if you know because I’m pretty chatty and always have something to talk about), until recently. I won’t get into too many details quite yet (I meant, I now have a whole blog at my disposal to dedicate post after post to whatever my little heart desires!), but nearly a year ago I started practicing yoga.

I know what you’re thinking, no big deal… most people have either dabbled in yoga or take classes every once in a while, which is kind of what I had been accustomed to. But about a year ago a friend of mine, knowing I had some back issues and hadn’t exercised much at all in a couple of years, suggested I try a yoga studio in my new neighborhood that she referred to as “chill.” I was apprehensive since the last yoga class I went to was classified as “beginner” yet left me in tears. Still, something about a restorative class on a Sunday evening was intriguing. And, let’s be honest, it didn’t hurt that it was three blocks from my new apartment.

One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” -H. Miller

I stepped into the studio that day, and no lie, I couldn’t think of any other word to describe it but “chill.” The meditative class with simple, yet long and deep stretches was incredibly relaxing and I found myself going back Sunday after Sunday, even on occasions where my friend was out of town – I was hooked. I then started testing the waters with a vin/yin class – a mixture of vinyasa and yin poses which are a bit more restorative. I found myself getting stronger with the ability to do more and more each day. I finally pushed myself and took the plunge for a straight up regular vinyasa class and ever since then, I never looked back! Once I was able to step into crow pose for the first time, I knew I had found a new calling, one that I never knew was a possibility and took a leap signing up for 200-hour teacher training and that very same studio.

Fast forward to this week and I started my first class on Wednesday. It was literally like being a little kid on the first day of school – would my teachers be nice? Would I like my new classmates? Would they like me? Will I even be good at the subject I’m studying? All of those worries slipped away as we participated in ice breakers to learn more about each other, (two other girls have the same exact job as me – go figure!) and get our very first lesson – meditation. I plan to go into more detail about what I’ve learned about meditation so far (I literally can’t believe how much I learned on the first day!).

first day yoga

I’m so glad I pushed myself to start this challenge and that a few other friends and fellow yogis gave me the kick I needed to step outside of my comfort zone, quit doubting myself and try something new! Again, I plan to share more about the meditation experience, but for now, I just wanted to share my first day experience, say hello  in my very first post on The Petite Chronicles and as I said in the beginning of this post, just get started! I plan to continue posting about my yoga adventures, but as a fashion lover and admittedly, a shopping addict, I will also be sharing a lot of great posts on my personal style and the great petite fashions, deals and steals I find along the way!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back to follow along. <3

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