Our Love is Serendipitous: A Tinder Love Story

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If four and a half years ago someone told me I’d be spending the first few weeks of 2018 in India with my fiance I met on Tinder (a dating app with a slightly seedy reputation) and his best friends from college, I probably would’ve laughed in their face. I mean, me? A Tinder love story? That would’ve been unfathomable at the time!

Mumbai sangeet tinder love story

You see, prior to meeting Dave, I hadn’t been the luckiest when it came to love and relationships, and seemed to develop an affinity for attracting all of the weirdos and sociopaths in Chicago. I kid you not, one guy I went on a first date with kept trying to get me to go back to his apartment to see his pet rabbit (seriously, what grown man has a pet rabbit?!) while another guy I dated said he was going out of town for his grandma’s funeral when he was actually going to visit his other girlfriend across the country and I found out about it because my best friend somehow worked with the other girlfriend – I mean, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! But this story isn’t about them, this story is about a boy from Ohio and a petite girl from Florida who met via serendipity and bonded over comedians and baseball.

Cubs game, 2014, tinder love story

Indy 500 2015, tinder love story

After chatting about Mitch Hedberg, the Tampa Bay Rays, our favorite burger restaurants in Chicago and plenty of other topics via messenger for a few days or so, Dave finally asked me out. To my surprise, Dave didn’t just ask me out for drinks, but a full-on dinner. This was risky, especially based on the previous dates I’d gone on; however, the more we chatted, the more I knew I wanted to meet him in person. Once I agreed, Dave did another thing to surprise me – he actually called me and left a voice mail to plan our date. Now, if you know me, you know I’m not the biggest fan of talking on the phone, but I bit the bullet and gave him a call back. Dave surprised me, yet again, by taking me to a restaurant I’d been wanting to try since I’d moved into the neighborhood I lived in at the time (side note – he did this on date two as well and without knowing it took me to a restaurant I’d been wanting to try for years – talk about serendipitous!). We hit it off and bonded some more over music, a bottle of wine, charcuterie and some nervous laughs over the rude waiter – the perfect makings of a true Tinder love story.

Breckenridge 2017, tinder love story

late night dancing, Mahabaleshwar, India 2018, tinder love story

Since then, Dave and I have enjoyed countless baseball games, bottles of wine (and Ukrainian vodka), concerts, late night music listening sessions and dance parties, traveling all over the country and world – from a few trips to Colorado, road tripping out to Charleston and back, drinking our weight in wine across Italy, and experiencing the trip of a lifetime in India. Us meeting was 100% serendipitous and as we move into the next chapter of our lives together, we keep finding ourselves in even more serendipitous situations, but this time as a team. I can’t wait to build on to our Tinder love story over the next year with all of the exciting events we have coming up (stay tuned!).

Trevi Fountain, Rome 2017, tinder love story

Boboli Gardens, Florence 2017, tinder love story

Monkey temple, Jaipur 2018, tinder love story

Indian wedding, Mahabaleshwar 2018


City Palace, Jaipur, tinder love story

Taj Mahal, tinder love story

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